I will personally teach you step by step...

“How To Teach Your Child with Autism Read in 30 Days Through the Reading Superhero Masterclass”

...so you can build his self-confidence and boost his self-esteem.

Dear Fellow Parent,

Let me ask you these...

Do you sometimes feel frustrated with how your child easily gets bored and loses his interest in learning especially in reading?

Are you an autism parent who would not want to live through the stress and burden of having a child who struggle with reading and underachievement?

Would you want your child to NOT just read faster and easier... but also to enjoy and LOVE reading while having the freedom to play and be creative? 

Would you like him to remember you throughout his life as his BEST teacher and SUPERHERO because of the enjoyable time you had together learning to read ...without him being glued to a device? 

If so...

I hope you read every word on this page… because the secret inside has the power to give your child the skill and confidence to succeed and achieve full potential.

I will show you a proven system on how to make young kids even those with special needs, learn to read in 30 days through play.

Hi, I am Teacher Bee, the founder of Alterra Training.

I am known in my professional circle as Lorna B. Yan.

I help parents and teachers increase their impact by helping them young children read in just 30 days or less thru play.

Impossible, you might think.

Read on and find out...

I know the ins and outs of fast reading using play and using it to build young children's confidence and self-esteem like the back of my hand.

This system is a product of years of hard work…

I was able to make my daughter, Gabby, read at 3 and a half years old but my young boy struggled due to autism.

He had a speech delay and found learning to read a very difficult task.

After finding success in the program I developed for him in 2008, I started teaching the children of my relatives, neighbors, and close friends for free.

The success of the program inspired me to teach the children of people I do not know and charged a fee.

Audrice, also known as MuyMuy, from Immaculate Conception Academy of Greenhills, San Juan City was one of my first 3 students.

She was 3.7 years old.

She started reading using Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days. She is now in Grade 9.

As a requirement for my Masteral Degree in Reading, I presented the program as an evaluation thesis at the Ateneo De Manila University in 2014.

The research is a case study of 4 struggling and at-risk readers who benefited immensely from the Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days program.

I presented the research during the International Conference on Teaching and Learning sponsored by International Economic and Development Research (IEDRC) in South Korea in April 2017.

We got a recognition for our presentation.

A fellow research presenter from Hongkong encouraged me to secure an intellectual property registration of the play-to-read in 30 days program.

And I did!

The program is now copyrighted under my name.

Later on, the research I presented in Korea was published in the International Journal for Teaching and Learning (IJLT) in 2018.

In November 2019, I was given an opportunity to present the research in Singapore at the Edutech Asia Conference.

Along the way, I have been sharing what I know with teachers, preschool owners, and parents like you.

I have taught young kids, too!   

Beginning reading has become my passion project.

A lot of kids, some with special needs, have already benefitted from the program. 

Most of those we have helped are boys... those who are highly active and can be difficult to teach. Some even have developmental delays.

It has always been a pleasure playing and learning with them.

Draven Almazan (in the 1st video) started reading in just 2 weeks; Tyler Beyer, a 3-year old, has just learned to put sounds together in the 2nd video; Timothy Mendieta, our most awesome reader, has been snapping Bible passages at 3.

And I know that this is possible for your child, too!

Imagine  the delight of your child in learning to read without him even knowing that he is doing so.

Imagine your child reading to learn while other children are still learning to read.

Imagine your child with significant increase of vocabulary, and improved spelling, reading and reading comprehension abilities.

Imagine your child having a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem. (It's a fact, good readers have high levels of self-confidence, while struggling readers are faced with self-doubt and low self-esteem.) 

Imagine yourself enjoying while teaching and constantly making "deposits" in your child's emotional bank account.

It sounds like too good to be true…

But you can make it a reality for your child!

And the most exciting part is…

Today is the day!

I am now in a position to help parents like you do what you have imagined. 

The innovative system I used in teaching many kids read in 30 or even 20 days… I am now sharing it with you.

I have created "Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days" Program exclusive for parents who are very busy or may not have a teaching degree.

But first, let me tell you why teaching your child to read in just 30 days thru play is one of the most exciting things you can do for your child, most especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

1.  Reading gives him a head start and prepares him in school and in life down the line.

2. Teaching kids to learn to read in 2 to 3 years, the old-fashioned way that is still followed in most schools, is such a long wait and a waste of time… and money.

3. Most kids nowadays are into tablets and other devices. The play-to-read program gives kids opportunities for physical activities which is becoming rare.

Get this:

Based on my years of teaching experience, the achievers in school and in life, those who have been happier and more fulfilled, are those whose parents have given them QUALITY TIME...

...those who have taught and guided them...and supported them along the way.

The best thing about this program is... you are not just teaching reading to your child but you are giving your time and attention... showing love and care!

This is something your child will be grateful for and bring him a long way.

I have good news for you.

I am looking for serious parents for my mentoring program. Once enrolled, I’ll reveal to you step-by-step how I teach kids to read for fun and self-confidence build-up.

I’ll hand you my blueprint —the secret sauce to fast reading, the simple framework,  the reading videos, the worksheets of the award-winning Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days including the tips and tricks to make it work for your child.

I bet you are not going to get these precious gems anywhere else.


So, I am inviting you to take part in the…

Reading Superhero Masterclass (RSM)

This online class is something very new. 
To be upfront and totally honest, 
 it may NOT be right for you…


Because this system is designed ONLY for parents who are wholly committed to making a great impact in their child's life… and committed to putting time and effort in advancing their hopes and aspirations for their child.

If you are simply after short-cuts and not willing to learn for your child...  this program is not for you.

If you prefer a device for your young kid and you are not willing to play and do wacky things with him... this program is not for you.

If you want to wait for school to open during this COVID-19 pandemic and have a teacher or tutor teach your child... definitely, this program is not for you.

is a no-holds bared system I have put together to give you everything I have learned over the last 15 years as a Reading Coach.

I can confidently say… this is the first and only play-to-read program in 30 days training made for parents.

Here’s how you can get my personal mentoring.

The whole course is run on Zoom with each week featuring lessons needed for you to  hone the core teaching skills you need to take your play-to-read with your child to the next level.  

Video recordings will be provided to you as a bonus so you can review and practice the skills on your own at your own pace.

Here’s our weekly live sessions and schedules.

Week 1 - How to Be Your Child's Reading Superhero 

(Valued at P2,970)

Live Online Session: August 13, 2022, Saturday, 2 to 4:00 pm

I will teach you how to start your play-to-read including the essential facts, techniques and mindset needed. I will show you foundations and outlook you need to soar.  Plus, learn the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them. This is going to save you months of time! 

  • Module 1 – How to Identify the Needed Facts and Strategies for Your Child
  • Module 2 – How to Focus on Strengths, Not Problems to Keep Your Child Interested and Motivated
  • Module 3 – How to Know When Your Child is Ready to Read or Not and What You Can Do About It
  • Module 4 – How to Make Your Child Crave For More Reading Time

Dowmload: The PQ Formula: How to Ensure Your Investments In Your Child's Emotional Bank Account Are Enough

Week 2 - How the Alterra Program Works 

(Valued at P11,900)

Live Online Session: August 20, 2022, Saturday, 2 to 4:00 pm

I will show you the tested strategies and routines why young kids, even at-risk and struggling readers, (and even parents) find the program awesome so that you can replicate the system in your own play-to-read and start having a great time with your child

  • Module 5 – How to Apply the Secret Sauce of Reading
  • Module 6 – Let's Get Wacky: How to Do Daily and Mastery Lessons
  • Module 7 – Let's Get Wacky Again: How to Enjoy the Sound and Writing Strategies
  • Module 8 – How to Increase Your Child's Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills Using Story Time
  • Module 9 – Way To Go: How to Make Blending Automatic and Achieve Reading Success

Download: Alterra Jumpstart Complete Guide, Tutorial Videos, and Fluency Workbook with Word Reading Videos

Week 3 - How to Spot Pitfalls and Maneuver Towards Reading Success

Live Online Session: August 27, 2022, Saturday, 2 - 4:00 pm

Together, let us walk through your early triumphs and possible pitfalls so you can readily maneuver towards the right teaching path. This feedback session ensures  your success in making your child read in 30 days or less. This allows me also to know whether you and your child are having awesome time together.  

  • Module 10 – How to Identify What is Right and What is Not
  • Module 11 – Tips and Tricks 

Upload: You and Your Child... 'Two'gether

Week 4 - "No Girls Allowed": How to Connect Boys with Reading

(Valued at P2,970)

Live Online Session: September 3, 2022, Saturday, 2 - 4:00 pm

If you have a boy, this session is for you! I will show you what makes your boy tick (and run, and jump and yell) and discover how to actively engage him with simple, effective strategies that support boys' reading and learning.

  • Module 12 – How to Uncover the Signs that Point to the Reading Gap
  • Module 13 – How to Find and Use Creative Ideas to Match Boys' Interests
  • Module 14 – How to Establish a Strategic Blueprint for Boys and Reading

Download: The Wired to Move Blueprint

Remember, on top of the coaching, you will get:

Alterra Jumpstart Complete Guide

Fluency Workbook

Word Reading Videos

Short Tutorial Videos

And That's Not All...

You will also get the following materials to help you get started and keep on going...

BONUS #1: Additional Printable Materials and Original Videos

Valued at P3,497 

Sound Posters

for letter introduction, print orientation, and phoneme manipulation

Word Reading Videos

for segmenting, blending, and play activities

Read-Write Worksheet

for blending, segmenting, and writing activities

Good-As-Ever Flashcards

for playing (Yes, for jumping, running, gliding, etc!)

BONUS #2: The WIZ - The Alterra Advance Code Level 

Valued at P4,970 

After completing the Play-to-Read in 30 Days, your child has a ready program for him to advance to the next level so that he achieves next level mastery and becomes more confident. You get it as a bonus! Yes, FREE.

***DISCLAIMER: These materials are copyrighted and are for PERSONAL USE of PARENTS only. They are not meant for sharing with others or using them for a tutorial business. Contact us if you want to purchase a business license.***

BONUS #3:  The PQ Formula - How To Invest In Your Child's Emotional Bank Account

Value: Priceless

You’ll have everything you need to teach your child and enjoy reading together. But if you need more help, no worries because you'll also receive…

BONUS #4:  Lifetime Facebook Group + Private Email Support

Valued at P5,000 per year


So, how much does this all cost?

I am glad you asked… because if you sum up everything:

TOTAL VALUE = P31,307.00+

Well, I personally spent more than P380,000 for an animator, an artist, a vocal artist, a recording studio, the research, and other incidentals to come up with the program.

But don’t worry.

You won’t have to pay that much!

In my desire to have more parents and students alike, benefit from the Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days program, you are not going to pay even half of the total value, too.

You won’t have to pay P20,000 or P15,000 either!

In our desire to share with parents a unique and research-based reading curriculum they can use with their children during the COVID-19 lockdown of schools, we pegged the program and coaching price at P9,970.00.

But if you act today, we are giving you an additional P2,000 discount.


Limited offer at… ₱7,970 only.

Step by Step Video and Live Online Training
"How To Teach Your Child with Autism Read in 30 Days Thru the..."

But this offer won’t last forever… It ends on Saturday, August 6, 2022.


After August 6, the price goes back to Php 9,970.

To maintain the quality of the program, I am only accepting   9 enrollees  to get inside the class and get the exclusive play-to-read program and online coaching. 

And due to my busy schedule as a School Administrator, it will take some time before I could offer the program again. So you need to get in before spots run out!

Look at what others have to say…

Del Jamer

"Teacher Bee was a steady guide while I was learning  the "Play-to-Read in 30 Days" program. 

Joylie Lugto

"I learned a lot of strategies and techniques so kids do not get bored in reading." 

Make the best decision for your child.

It is time to be in control of his reading success.

It is time to make things happen.

Register Today For Only ₱9,970 ₱7,970! 

Price goes up in...


Online and Offline Payments Are Accepted

After 24 hours, you'll receive an SMS and/or email from us stating that you're now enrolled in our exclusive “Reading Superhero Masterclass“.

After we verify your purchase, we will:

1. Add you to our student database where we'll send you instructions on how to join the LIVE group coaching sessions.

2. Give you access to our private Facebook group

3. Drip-send the recorded videos and materials weekly.

"Your 'Play-to-Read in 30 Days' published in the International Journal of Learning and Teaching was impressive and caught our interest..."

-Thomas Harvey

Advances in Social Sciences Research, UK

"It is wonderful to know that your program and article on it has been noticed by notable people in the field..."

-Dr. Monica Moreno

Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines

money back


Risk free

 Money Back Guarantee

If you are still hesitating, let me put your mind at ease.

Our offer is simple. Join the online masterclass. By the end of our first session and you feel it’s not worth your investment, simply email us and we will give you FULL REFUND with no questions asked.

Am I crazy for offering you this? Of course not!

The Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days is based on a scientifically proven pedagogy and it is replicable! 

Now, why only up to the end of the first session?

It's because on the 2nd session, I'll start sharing my most intimate and tightly-guarded secrets. I don't want these secrets to fall on the wrong hands.

I'm only sharing it to parents who are fully committed to this program.

If you don't think you can commit to this program, that's okay. Don't join.

But let me remind you:

If you're seriously looking for a reading program that your child can use for his growth, for becoming a better version of himself, for maximizing his potential... this is the perfect program for him, with you as his READING SUPERHERO.

Reserve your spot now .

To your teaching success,

Lorna B. Yan

Online and Offline Payments Are Accepted

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. There are many online resources in teaching reading. Why do I have to take your program?

Yes, there is a lot out there but there is none that does it the way Alterra does. Of course, you can sense my bias.

But you can always do research and come up with your own, but one of the downsides of researching on your own is information overload. What I am giving you is a proven system, a product of research. The system cuts short your trial and error time.

I share my wealth of experience in this course, plus my best tips and tricks that work most especially in getting your child with autism engaged in reading. You can’t find these anywhere else in one setting.

2. Can I use the materials for a tutorial business?

The materials that go with the Reading Superhero Masterclass are for PERSONAL USE only.  Anyone selling or using them for any business purpose will be dealt with in accordance with Copyright Infringement law. 


3. Can the program be used for kids with special needs?

Yes, definitely! In fact, the subjects of the Ateneo research were considered as “at-risk” readers. Also, Alterra exists today because of my son who struggled to read and was diagnosed with ASD.

Since I work in a basic education setting, I can share my experiences in reading remediation for those with special needs. However,  I just want to make it clear that my specialization is beginning reading. I do not have a  special education degree and I am not qualified to diagnose kids with special needs.

4. How do you provide support?

In case of an immediate need to confer with us, support is given through a private Facebook group as well as email support. 

5. How is Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days different from tutoring?

Tutoring focuses on helping a child on his respective lessons taught by a child's school. The Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days program is an independent program that allows a child to read in 30 days or less depending on his readiness.

6. Is the online training enough to help me implement the program on my own?

Yes, it is enough. The program comes with video tutorials, coaching, and detailed guide. These are enough for you to teach your child on your own.

Legal Notice

"Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days" is copyright-protected. Plagiarism, piracy, theft, copying, direct or indirect of any content in graphical, video, text, or structural form for any reason is strictly prohibited. Intentional or unintentional actions will result to prosecution at the highest level of the Copyright Infringement and Internet Piracy Law.