"The Online Coaching DNA: How Teachers Transfer Their Knowledge And Expertise Online To Expand And Maximize Their Impact ...And Increase Their Income"

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be only afraid of standing still."  --CONFUCIUS

Dear Hardworking Professional Teacher,

Tired, worn out ...and do not know how to move forward in 2021?

Worried about tomorrow especially where to get the money for your family expenses during this pandemic and beyond?

Wondering if there are great opportunities to grow your teaching impact, career, and income in the midst of the current uncertainties? 

If so, I hope you read every word on this page… because what's inside has the power to change your teaching life… and the life of your family during this pandemic.

Hi, I am Teacher Bee. I am known in my professional circle as Lorna B. Yan.

Just like you, I have always been a very busy teacher.

My work schedule became more toxic when I was given a role as a department principal.

When my husband lost a huge amount of money in his hardware supply business in 2016, I started looking for ways on how to help with our family finances.

I stumbled into weekend online coaching!

After enrolling in several courses from 2016 to 2018 to learn how to do it, I finally found time and courage to launch my weekend online coaching practice in 2019.

During the 2020 quarantine, while everyone was busy consuming Netflix, Facebook and Youtube content, my weekend online coaching was soaring.

The best part: I had students not only from the Philippines but also from the US, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and even West Africa.

The other best part? 

I was able to help these students and inspire them to grow. 

And the unexpected reward? 

A 6-figure income from my batch 1 alone during the quarantine.

This is a testament that those who teach, under the right circumstances, can make a respectable income.

In my coaching journey, I met other coaches online who are far more successful than I am. 

Their impact, influence, and inspiration (as well as income) are far greater than mine.

And the irony of it all?

Most of them are non-teachers who want to be teachers... individuals who found joy and passion in teaching!

Some have Ph.D.'s and are well known in their fields... but others do not even have masteral degrees!

Together, we are on a mission to help Filipino teachers transform their life for good...

...including those whose teaching loads have been reduced or are retrenched due to low enrollment or school closures. 

Yes, fellow Teachers! There is hope!

So, will you stay the same in 2021 or will you choose to move forward?

I can't wait to learn with you in the summit!



Summit Coordinator

This gathering pushes you past your comfort zone so you not only grow yourself and are able to handle bigger challenges, but you also experience the growth momentum and confidence that comes from accomplishing projects that used to scare you.

Whether you are...

  1. a public or a private basic education teacher (Preschool, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School) in the Philippines or outside the country
  2. a college instructor or a university professor 
  3. a small school owner or a school leader, or
  4. a heart-centered individual whose desire is to make a profound positive impact and difference in this world…

you can live your purpose and be the changemaker you have always desired 
... through a 2-hour (weekend or after-school or full time) online coaching.

Why Online Coaching for Teachers?

  • You are highly qualified. Teachers are perfect coaches because of their credentials and teaching experiences. While others want to learn how to teach, you are already a PRO.

  • This is the best time to be a professional coach. Online coaching, a USD 15-billion industry in 2019, is expected to hit USD 325-billion in 2025 (but many teachers are STILL not aware how it works). Harvard University now even has coaching affiliate schools (Just Google it to know more). Should highly qualified teachers like you be left behind?

  • Coaching has arrived in every segment of life (from dog trainer to law teachers and anyone in between). This means your skills, knowledge, and expertise can be used to create a big difference in the lives of others --as people turn to coaches to improve and move forward especially now during a time of global crisis.

  • ONLINE is the way to go to accelerate your teaching career. With the pandemic, online learning became the NOW, no longer the FUTURE. You do not have to go anywhere to teach (and earn more). You only need your laptop and a steady internet connection. And why wait for years before you get promoted when you can grow your impact and teaching career online (while also keeping your job)?


After the Teachers' Online Summit, 

you will never look at online learning and coaching

the same way again!  We guarantee that!


3-Day Online Summit Topics

DAY 1 

The Educator and the Growth Mindset: How Teachers Create Impact and Inspiration During the Pandemic and Beyond  (P7,990 Value)

  • Knowing Your Worth as a Teacher: "How Online Courses Changed My Life Twice"
  • The Science of Grit and Growth Mindset
  • How to Overcome Teacher-Imposter Syndrome and Teacher-Perfectionist Demons
  • How Successful Coaches Apply the Intersection Between Education & Innovation
  • How to Put the Coaching Mindsets and Essential Education Fragments Together
  • The Work-Life Balance Formula: How to Grow Your Online Coaching Practice Without Collapsing
  • Major Case Study 1 to 4: (English Language, Cooking, Writing, Web Development)

DAY 2 

The Privilege of Learning and Teaching Online (P7,570 Value)

  • How to Identify My Talents and Skills Others Need to Solve Their Problems
  • How to Use My Teaching Skills and Expertise in Helping Others
  • The Online Coaching Blueprint: The Foundations and Techniques to Go From 1 Student to 50
  • How to Avoid the Costly Mistakes Online Coaches Make
  • Major Case Study 5 to 8 (Early Reading, Music, Public Speaking, Arts, Robotics, P.E.)
  • Powerful Mini Case Studies (Psychology, Leadership)

DAY 3 

From a Very Humble Idea to a Winning Course (P9,997 Value)

  • The Human Drivers: How to Spot and Maximize Windows of Opportunities
  • The Student Attraction Mastery: How to Use Market Driving Innovation and Differentiation in Getting Students
  • The Curriculum: How to Apply Student Transformation Strategies 
  • The Technology and Tools: How to Use Your Laptop and the Internet (No Website, No FB Ads) 
  • The Pricing Template: How to Know Your Worth and Get Paid Your True Value as a Teacher
  • How to Launch Your Course and Go Beyond 50
  • Major Case Study 9 to 11 (Science, Math, Education-Related Businesses)
  • Powerful Mini Case Studies (Filipino, Photography)

TOTAL VALUE = Php 25,970+

You Pay = ONLY Php 1,497

NOTE: The 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units for this program

is up to Tuesday, February 23, 2021 only.

Online and Offline Payments Are Accepted

The instant access is for ONLINE PAYMENTS only. For GCASH, BPI Transfer, and OFFLINE PAYMENTS, send a screenshot of your payment details to and allow us to verify your payment within 24 hours before we give your full access to the summit.


Others have gone before you... here is what some of them had to say:


This is ONLY for teachers with growth mindset... those who want to develop their full potential and stay relevant while increasing their impact and income!

If you are that kind of teacher, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are you a legitimate training company? 

Yes!  Alterra Training is the training arm of REDalterra Reading Development Center, a DTI-registered sole-propriertorship entity. Our business registration is under San Juan City, Metro Manila. We are also registered as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider with registration number PTR 2019-303 under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). 

2.There are free online resources about online coaching. Why do I have to join this program?

You can always do a research and come up with your own, but one of the downsides of researching on your own is information overload. Coaches need a coach, too. As your coach, we will share with you our wealth of experience in this training, plus our best tips and tricks that work most especially in getting enrollees. You can’t find these anywhere else in one setting.

3. Is this a live online activity?

What you are getting is an online access of the complete 3-day summit sessions. You can play the recordings and study anywhere at your own time and at your own pace. You can have resources (most especially the step-by-step Coaching Blueprint Framework)  you can go back to anytime you want.

4. What do I need to access the summit?

The summit videos can be accessed in any kind of device provided you have a stable internet connection. For optimal summit experience, recommended bandwidth is 1.5 mbps (up/down).

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