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Advances in Social Science Research, UK

Your Play-to-Read in 30 Days published in the International Journal of Learning and Teaching (IJLT) was impressive and caught our interest...



Do you want your child to develop his self-confidence early through reading? Discover how you can support your child in unlocking his reading potential. Learn the key principles you need to start your journey together: 1)The No-Brainer Alterra Method 2) The Kid Magnet Formula 3)The Parent Fulfillment Blueprint. Find out how these three components can help you maximize the progressive way of teaching reading to the young kids of today without being glued to a screen. This mini-workshop runs live in 3 to 4 hours. Replay access is included in your ticket. 



Be the superhero of your own child! Discover the 3 secrets in building and growing your child's SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM thru play-to-read in 30 days WITHOUT stress...even if you are busy and are not an expert teacher! Use the Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days —the best way of building your child’s confidence and self-worth. Make him read in just 30 days or less using the Alterra Method and our Parent Friendly Strategy for parents like you with toxic schedule but would not want to be left guilty for not spending more time with your little one. The "work-out" sessions, the craziest and wackiest moments with your child would be enough to create the best bond between the two of you while your child learns how to read... without both of you realizing it.

This Reading Superhero 21-Day Challenge allows you to learn and apply the method and see results in 21 days (or less for regular kids). Coaching sessions to guide you runs for 2 to 3 hours for 4 weekends. On top of the coaching, you will be given access to the teaching resources you need to help your child.


The patented "Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days" curriculum can be used both for regular (3 to 6-year old) students, as well as those who have special needs (Autism, ADHD / ADD). It can also be used in teaching beginning reading to English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. So if you are a tutorial center owner, an ESL teacher, a therapist, or a heart-centered individual who wants to break free from outdated and ineffective reading programs, this online course is for you. We will teach you how to create an innovation framework that will make your services stand out, attract parents, and triple your teaching income using your new secret weapon: the innovative "Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days".  Thru our "ALTERRA BUSINESS COURSE (ABC)", you will earn a  "Reading Expert" tag and leave you at the cutting edge above all those who offer online or blended format tutorial programs for students.

The course includes the license to use the program. And because of the pandemic, royalty fees are WAIVED!

We are also open to joint ventures and collaboration with individuals who are passionate in providing services to the early childhood education segment.


CPD PROGRAMS For Professional Teachers     

Grow your students’ self-confidence and self-esteem by becoming the best teacher they can ever have. Grow your teaching impact and increase your influence through effective courses with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. We cater to teachers like you whose language always includes "high-quality, relevant, effective" face to face offline learning opportunities or online masterclass or webinars. 

Current programs include: 1) Reading Innovation DNA,  2) Digital Shabu in Schools, and  3) Think Like Socrates.

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies in making 3 to 6-year old kids read in 30 days or less by PLAYING  ...and use these and our other powerful secrets in creating your own lucrative teaching income.  

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