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Hi, I'm Teacher Bee, the creator of Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days.

It all started with my son. 

My daughter started reading at 3 and a half years old.  

My son, a late talker, followed a different path.

He struggled to read! The strategy I used with my daughter did not work with him.


Acknowledging the importance of early reading and armed with the determination to help my son, I took the online course of Read America, which was then based in Orlando, Florida. 

That time, I found the reading principles odd and veering away from conventional wisdom but they were sound.

They made a lot of sense! 

There was one problem though. My son would not pay attention during sessions.  He was bored! He could not be still most of the time. That time, I have not realized yet the need to consult a developmental pediatrician.

Eventually, my son learned to read... that is, after crawling, jumping, running, catching, throwing, balancing, hiding, rolling, kicking...! 

Name a crazy activity never been associated with reading, and we did them! 

I devoured every neuroscience and brain development principles related to reading and applied them.

We laughed so loud every time and we had lots of fun. I could not even pin point the exact time he started reading. I just knew he was already a voracious reader when he would refuse to sleep without us reading a book together. 

Inspired immensely with my son's achievement, I wrote the reading strategies and activities we did and I used them in teaching children of our neighbors, friends, relatives, and later on, of people I did not know. 

I called the program ALTERRA, coming from the word alter, in my desire to change the way reading is taught to highly active kids, most especially boys and those with special needs... which is far from the sedentary reading activity that we know of. 

The Alterra activities allowed kids to enjoy learning to read in a more physical, experiential, and highly active setting while using the National Reading Panel's sound-based pedagogy that makes kids learn to read faster. 

Since then, Alterra has become my passion project! 

I used an innovation framework of a Harvard University research to refine the program.

Then, I used the program in my case study research involving  struggling readers and presented it as my evaluation thesis for my Graduate School Degree at the Ateneo De Manila University. 

In 2016, Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days was recognized by the International Economics Development Research Center (IEDRC) of Hongkong.

It was also presented at the International Conference on Learning and Teaching (ICLT) in South Korea in 2017 and won the Best in Oral Presentation Award.

In March 2018, the program was published at the International Journal  of Learning and Teaching (IJLT).

In the latter part of  2019, the program was presented at Edutech Asia in Singapore. 

This inspired me to share Alterra further to small preschools, tutorials, teachers, and parents who, in one way or another, can benefit from the fruits of an innovation like the Alterra program.

And now, it is your turn! 

If you are a parent or a change-maker who desires to grow your child's confidence and love for learning or create an impact through education, explore this site and allow us to help you in your growth journey today.

To your success,

Lorna B. Yan (a.k.a Teacher Bee)

Early Literacy Specialist



Our Ateneo De Manila University research on the effectivity of the Play-to-Read in 30 Days Program with at-risk readers was presented at the International Conference on Learning and Teaching sponsored by IEDRC in Jeju Island, South Korea in April 2017.


The talk was adjudged as the Best in Oral Presentation for Session 2.

The research was published at the International Journal of Learning and Teaching (IJLT) in March 2018.



“Expanding the Impact of Your Teaching Ministry Through Play-to-Read in 30 Days” at Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City, Philippines 

"The Parent Magnet Blueprint: How Preschool Owners and Leaders Increase Enrollment Thru Market Driving Innovation and Play-to-Read in 30 Days” at Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines 

"Play-to-Read in Just 30 Days: Using Bluetooth-Controlled Ball Robot in Helping Young Learners Become Fluent Readers" at Edutech Asia, Singapore

"Reading Innovation DNA: How Preschool and Early Elementary Teachers Make Young Kids Read in Just 30 Days or Less" at Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City



Alterra Training is open to partnerships and collaborations. You can even hire us to train or speak to teachers,  parents, or leaders who want to "alter" their status quo through reading innovation and differentiation. 

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies in making 3 to 6-year old kids read in 30 days or less by PLAYING  ...and use these and our other powerful secrets in creating your own lucrative teaching income.  

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