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Have your child experience these awesome and life changing benefits of the only Play-to-Read in 30 Days program for regular 3 to 6 year old and kids with autism or ADHD / ADD.

At ALTERRA, we make young  kids

read in  30 days or less.

No... we do not teach them how to read by sitting.
We make them "work-out" while learning to read!

We understand that when kids move,
even if they are just...

twisting, turning,  jumping,

 running,  or rolling...

they are not just happy
but their brains wake up, too!

This fact finds its way in Alterra, 
the only "play-to-read in 30 days" program for kids!

Here's Why Our Program Works


Alterra embraces neuroplasticity - the idea that brains can change if parents find the right combination of intervention and circumstances in making their child learn. That's why the Alterra program provides “scaffolds”—digestible neuro- and cognitive science aids that ensure a child, be it a regular or one with special needs, can focus and learn.  


Alterra is based on the result of the landmark meta-analysis of the National Reading Panel (2000) on what constitutes a successful reading program. This proven reading prototype has allowed young kids, even those at-risk, to read in the fastest and most efficient way possible. A child becomes a competent reader much sooner.

Kid-Magnet Formula

Alterra used the four-actions innovation framework of Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & Mauborgne, 2009) to streamline the reading process. We injected action-packed games that give kids a great workout from head to toe... without them realizing that they are learning to read. The heart-healthy sessions packed with lots of laughter bring about happy and healthy kids.


The lessons are bite-sized with full guide on what to say and do. Learning to read and comprehension activities can be done within 15 minutes a day. The silly and fun time with your child strengthens your bond together - something that your child needs to develop his self-worth and self-confidence which can extend in helping him achieve other amazing things.

Your child will surely ask for more sessions with you! :-) 

Unlock Your Child's Confidence!

   Using Alterra, MuyMuy was already reading confidently at 3.
Draven started reading in just 2 weeks.

Parents Speak Out!

"Draven started reading in just 2 weeks!"

Draven was very excited to attend Alterra classes everyday. He loved your activities. We were actually surprised of his development in reading. He was already reading in 2 weeks. Of course, this makes us feel great about his achievement and excited about what else he can do as he enters Grade 1.

– Beacel Almazan, Draven’s Mom

"Amazing result even for struggling readers."

Teacher Bee taught my son for a brief period in one of our trips to Manila.  JD learned how to read very quickly and has not looked back since. He is now a voracious reader and would read anything on his path. I even used the system in teaching my nephew who is struggling in reading and has gone through several tutors. He started reading in few weeks. The result is amazing!

– Lannie Mendieta, JD’s Mom

“I am proud of his        development.”

At first, I was not sure if Luigi would like Alterra but he enjoyed attending classes. I am proud of what he has learned. I will recommend the program to other parents who want their children not only to learn to read fast but also to love reading.

– Mrs. Beyer, Luigi’s Mom

Give your child the gift of self-confidence today. 

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