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The Alterra License

After finding success in making kids read in 30, 20 or even 10 days through play and reading gym concepts, Alterra now makes available for you —an owner of a preschool, a tutorial center, or an individual who has the passion to work with young children, the exclusive rights to use the innovative teaching program, the Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days. 


OUR PURPOSE: Make your preschool, child center, or tutorial program stand out as you help young children get ahead in life.

AS A LICENSEE: You gain access to a tool for growth... for inner development...for becoming a better person...for maximizing one's potential.

OUR PASSION: Help you make this growth in young kids happen through a positive and uplifting learning environment.

ALTERRA builds a child's positive self-image and self-confidence!

At ALTERRA, building self-confidence is king.

Imagine the effect of being an early reader on a child’s self esteem.

He will have the opportunity to relate to his peers on a more confident level as he is recognized for his superior accomplishment. 

ALTERRA makes a child eager to learn!

At ALTERRA, we speak the kids' language using our Kid Magnet Formula - move, play, spark wonder, be crazy! 

We treat learning to read as an exciting adventure through the use of active play, music & movement, dramatics, gym activities, and more.

This stress-free and enjoyable learning experience makes kids eager to learn and  develop a lifelong love of reading and learning – a key to children’s successful future.

ALTERRA advances a child's social skills.

At ALTERRA, we create happy children by instilling in them that learning is more meaningful if it is done with others.

Playful activities enable a small group of children to learn cooperation, self-control, independence, curiosity, empathy, and communication – the ultimate determining factors in your child’s character and future success.

ALTERRA builds fitness and health!

With video games, tablets, and other devices – exercise has never been more important for children. At ALTERRA, we give kids a great workout from head to toe thru action-packed games and exercises.


Alterra reading is not your usual boring sitting-and-doing-lifeless-activities kind of routine.

The best part? The fitness is disguised as FUN!

What all children know is that they’re having a blast. But you and I know they’re also getting the exercise they need… while learning to read.

No other reading program has these advantages!

To stand out, Alterra used the four-actions innovation framework of Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & Mauborgne, 2009 & 2017) to break away from all the other reading programs and centers.

What we eliminated: Sedentary reading and boring assignments – almost every kid hates them. So we removed them. The only homework they are asked to do is to read a Little Reader to their parents to show that they are already reading. That’s about it!

What we reduced: Worksheets do not have to be boring and tedious. Alterra’s worksheets are presented and done in “silly” and fun manner that students love.  We also reduced the reading levels. Instead of making students learn reading for the rest of their preschool or elementary life, we focused only on the most important basics – getting ready to read, ready to read, and fluency levels. 

What we raised: First, the reading efficiency. By incorporating movements that children crave into the systematic and explicit synthetic phonics, a child can read in 30 days or less, guaranteed! The children become competent readers much sooner.

Second, the amazing experience.The young kids do not just sit down learning to read, write, and spell, but they “work-out” giving them opportunities for physical activities which is becoming rare among kids in today’s world due to video games, tablets, and more. The “reading” and “physical fitness” are both disguised as fun.

This amazing experience allows the kids to look forward to the Alterra sessions.

What we created: We created two important factors. First, we give a 100% guarantee. Either parents get results, or they get their money back. This is meant to create trust and good will.

Second, we capitalize on the benefits of social learning. Sessions are in groups of 3 to 4 students, not one-on-one. Group sessions allow students to enjoy more since activities are done with others. Engagement is higher and students build their character as they learn empathy, cooperation, communication, and self-control. 

The Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days is REALLY MUCH MORE than fast reading and play!  


As a Licensee, you have in your hands a product of innovation that has the great potential to make your preschool or child center different and stand out. Alterra Play-to-read in 30 Days allows you to fast-track reading in your preschool and create a buzz from satisfied parents and attract others more!

"Amazing result even for struggling readers!"

Teacher Bee taught my son for a brief period in one of our trips to Manila.  JD learned how to read very quickly and has not looked back since. He is now a voracious reader and would read anything on his path. Trained to use the system, I used it in teaching my nephew who is struggling in reading and has gone through several tutors. He started reading in few weeks. The result is amazing!

Lannie Mendieta   //  JD's Mom

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies in making 3 to 6-year old kids read in 30 days or less by PLAYING  ...and use these and our other powerful secrets in creating your own lucrative teaching income.  ​​​​

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