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Lorna B. Yan a.k.a “Teacher Bee” is the creator of Alterra Play-to-Read in 30 Days Program. She started the program when her son struggled to read. She took an online course by "Read America", which was based in Orlando, Florida. However, her son wouldn’t pay attention to the sessions until she changed her methods. She did crazy activities to make learning to read more fun for her son. From then on, she wrote different reading strategies and activities to teach other children. The Alterra program was born.

Hope Marketing – The 2nd Tremendous Mistake Preschools Make in Increasing their Enrollment

So your preschool passes litmus test number 1 with flying colors! Your teachers, your programs, and your facilities adhere over and above your parents expectations. But your programs are not always full. You do not even have a waiting list to brag about.So what are the other mistakes preschool leaders and owners make in propelling growth?Let’s take […]

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